LA – Day 3

The championship for the Formula D 2008 season was today. The morning started out trying to setup some interviews for later that night and getting some pre-event interviews out of the way. After that I was let go for the afternoon as I wasn’t technically being paid for any shooting on Saturday. I stuck around and shot some stills of various things going on throughout pit row as well as some of the top 32 drift practice.

In addition to seeing an awesome drift event today, I found time to hit the Hollyridge Trail. A great way to see the Hollywood sign and take some great pics. I was also able to drive by some other great sights like the Disney Music Hall and the Chinese Theater. Both we’re found inadvertently by a simple re-route by my GPS unit…I was simply trying to avoid traffic and ended up seeing some cool stuff.

After my brief tour of LA I picked up some In-and-Out Burger and headed back to the track for the top 16 finals. Vaughn Gittin JR. ended up with the event win while Tanner Foust took home his second series win making him the first back to back series point winner. Oh and Rhys Millen won the coveted? triple crown title.

We hit up a high end restaurant to wrap up the season’s work on Wrecked Magazine. Denny’s…oh well, it was still fun and good food.

Jayke and I just got to the Radisson Hotel at LAX to stay the night. He has an early flight and I have to pick up Ashley aswell.

K, bed time.

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