No Firewire On New Macbooks

This was the latest buzz last week after Apple’s Oct. 14th laptop event. Apple has opted to leave out firewire from it’s consumer level Macbook laptop, allowing it to only be present on the higher-end Macbook Pro variant.

I had to post something regarding this topic, as this doesn’t just hit close to home…this smacks home upside the face with a dumbstick. Apparently apple’s stance is apple creatith, thus apple can taketh away. Though I pray the sole reason behind’s apple’s latest disappointing odd product release feature set is to better differentiate the two computer models. Regardless, I think this is a very bad move on apple’s side. The Macbook has been for the most part, a smaller computer physically yet always very capable. It has been a go to computer for users that require a smaller footprint for either travel or otherwise. I mean, have you ever tried to open up a 15″ let alone a 17″ Apple laptop on a plane in coach, not happenin’.

The lack of firewire directly effects people that utilize many of the current devices in multimedia fields. External hard drives, DV decks/camcorders, HDV decks/camcorders are all useless now when paired with the new Macbook. The only element that I can think of that can save some people is many of Lacie’s hard drives have a triple or even quad interface consisting of USB 2.0, Firewire 400 & 800, and SATA. So what are professionals, whose HDV cameras and decks use only firewire to export their footage digitally supposed to do? Well apple doesn’t have an answer it seems. They’ve reportedly deleted any thread on their support page regarding the subject and their only response is that firewire is gone and most of the new devices all use USB now. How are video editors using a Macbook supposed to daisy chain a USB drive to another without a hub…and then add on a camera to that to capture footage. They can’t, and are left to flutter in the wind. There is even an online petition asking Apple to think again and fix the issue, giving Macbooks back a firewire port.

I think apple’s only option and it would be a very good option, is to re-release a new smaller 12″ or 13″ Macbook Pro. Similar to the 12″ Powerbook of the past, this would help address the price difference between the two model lines and would give users that need a more portable computing solution somewhere to look. We’ll just have to wait and see, and I’m no rumor guru. I have yet to read anything regarding such a speculation…and in fact it seems very unlikely considering the unsuccessful sales of the previous 12″ Powerbook. But whatever, in my opinion it’s Apple’s only way to fix the current situation it’s caused.

P.S. I love apple, and probably always will…but sometimes and more often lately, they’ve really shocked me.

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