RED: A Truly "EPIC" Announcement

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been waiting for this ever since rumors started to swirl a few months back. Today RED announced a new camera system that should completely revolutionize the film/tv/photography industries. The DSMC (Digital Still and Motion Camera) system, it utilizes a completely modular design allowing the user to not only customize the system to suit their needs, but also replace/upgrade pieces as they are released, needed, or as funds are available.

The core of the new setup are these new mysterium based sensor blocks, called “brains”. These “brains” are physically simlilar, but are made up of different sensor sizes, frame rate capabilities, and lens mount options. The sensor resolutions range from a new 2/3″ 3k Mysterium-x (sub-$2500) all the way to this unfathomable, 186x56mm 28k (yes, 28000 x 9334 pixels) Mysterium-Monstro, with 6 other configurations in between. Outside of the sensor block are numerous options that can be attached to the rig, including a new 1080p viewfinder, DSMC I/O plate (with timecode syncs, xlr jacks, and dual-link HD-SDI monitoring), and REDhandle (a new DSLR style grip that can not only power the camera but gives the user various camera specific controls right at their fingertips).
The camera can be setup in a near infinite number of variations from a DSLR rig to purpose built film camera.

This is the most well thought out project I’ve ever seen. They’re really putting the creativity back into the user’s hands and allowing them the possibilities to do anything. Can’t wait for them to release this.

[Images via Engadget]

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