Snow Leopard Upgrade

Well, my family and I have just ordered the family pack of OSX Snow Leopard. I’m very excited about the slight speed bump and extra HD space but will of course be holding off on any production machines at home or at work. Too many pieces of software are still unproven with it and it’s just smart to wait a few weeks for all developers to work out the kinks. Happy upgrading.

Update: All computers at the house have been upgraded to Snow Leopard. All apps passed the compatibility test and I’m good to go. Still need to investigate the changes to Quicktime and how to continue to use QT7pro efficiently.

Update 2: Okay so I’ve found a few bugs. One documented and one not so much.

First, I can’t turn on airport on my iMac. There’s a fix involving deleteing preferences, but that does some weird stuff with the way the computer shows up as a shared volume.

Second inside illustrator, when you high-light text, the high-light box flickers like crazy. Not sure what’s going on here, but that doesn’t affect any functionality. It just looks sketchy.

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