Time to rest

The last four weeks have been a real test of my creative endurance. Each of the weeks has been a different project. And each one requiring a different slice of my skillset. Here’s a quick summary:

The first project was an unfortunate one. I was asked by some very dear people in my life to put together a memorial picture tape for their father’s impending funeral. I was truly honored to do it but this was just the first project of many.

After that I had to start on our video at Millenia 3. It was our first full blown promo piece that explained to clients exactly what it is that we can do for them. My boss wanted to go all out. We rented a doorway dolly and also hired voice talent Brian Dennehy (from “Tommy Boy”). I was able to pull it off with three days of shooting and 2 editing and finishing. That includes reshooting an entire scene. The video came together perfectly and truly showcased our talents as a company in both the trafficking business but also the video production business.

Immediately after that I had to begin the next issue of Wrecked Magazine. We had a week to finish it and I ended up going over another 3 days. But all is well, it came out great.

Now the focus has shifted back to school work. Working on our logo design project.

After this, it’s time to rest…

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