Survival training has become a real interest to me the last two years. Be it firecraft, shelter building, or just checking out cool knives. I’ve tried to maintain that motto from my time, years ago, as a cub scout—always be prepared. This is important…it can be applied to so many things in life. So when the opportunity came up to support both my interest in survival as well as videography, there wasn’t a how or a where in my mind, but a when?

This past August I had the privilege of shooting for a new company to the survival scene, SARCRAFT. The company was started by two friends of mine that are also members of the Cherokee County Search and Rescue team that I volunteer for. They’re setting out to teach wilderness survival and search and rescue skills to those in the south east. Being a new company they naturally wanted to start producing some content for YouTube and help spread the word about their curriculum as well as their skill set. During the shoot I also got a chance to shoot with another member of our SAR team, Trevor Williams, also of MTN Media Corp. Together we sat down and ironed out a shooting plan for what the client wanted the video to accomplish and the logistics of getting it done. I handed the editing off to Trevor for this shoot, but running a camera is always fun.