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Edelkrone SliderOne Pro

Mail call! I have a new piece of kit that I’ve been wanting for a while and this particular brand checked most of the boxes for me. The Edelkrone SliderOne Pro.

A quick summary of my wants:
I was looking for something to add some production value to interviews, b-roll, and any other motivated slider shot. But along with that, something that is more portable than my existing IGUS based DIY slider. The only thing I didn’t like on this unit was the price, especially when you’re only getting just under 8in of slider travel. But when you look at other motorized slider systems, they cost 3x as much typically, and again put me in pinch over whether I want to lug a 3ft+ slider around to locations.

The box includes:

  • The SliderOne Pro unit
  • A small allen/hex key tool for adjustments
  • a 1/4-20 to 3/8 adapter screw
  • Instruction manual with QR code

One of the aspects I was concerned about was noise. It does make some, but how much exactly. I did a very basic test with a dB meter (A weighted) on my iPhone to find out. I did one set up readings 1 inch from the center of the slider as the slider completed one complete movement from A to B at a given speed. Then another set of readings from 6ft away to simulate a more real world recording distance. The results are good. It’s obvious you wouldn’t want to use a mic that is mounted to or near the slider, but at distance, it’s practically inaudible.

Edelkrone SliderOne Pro dB Test

- A weighting
- Baseline reading 27dB
(%) Slider Speed(dB) 1in from Center of Slider(dB) 6ft from Slider


(I purchased this myself and am not being paid/supported/or have any relationship with Edelkrone.)

A moment in 60 seconds or less

Now that Instagram has finally increased their video length to 60, fun-filled, useable seconds, people are finally going to be able to make something interesting. 15-seconds was great for short clips and even made for some very funny moments when a video would auto-repeat. 60-seconds opens the door to where someone can be reached by the video, but not so wide that there’s not a challenge in editing for time—one of the larger challenges of visual story telling—but also not so long that the viewer loses interest when they’re in that “insta-” frame of mind and just want something quick and visually appealing. I welcome the compromise.

For Peach State Overland, we’ve had the ability to get in some good rides the last two weekends in Tennessee. One in the Cherokee State Forest and this past weekend in Prentice Cooper State Forest. I’ve tried to do my best in capturing some quick clips with the DJI Osmo while still enjoying the trip. With the footage, I’ve come up with some short edits that summarize the rides and play well on Instagram and Youtube. PSO has contact with a local band that we’ve been tapping for some great summer music for the videos, Jackson County Line.

Snowboarder Chased By Bear – Authenticity Online

By Kevin Keegan

I was sent a video yesterday with footage that was beyond belief. Footage that was so crazy, there was no doubt to why this video was in the news. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or the fact that it was captured. As of this writing, the video has garnered over 2.2 million views on YouTube. (Update: The views are up 150k in a span of just 45min while I wrote this post.)

The original video, seen below, was posted by an account name Kelly Murphy.

This account has only three videos so far, all of which are of snow boarding and no videos older than April 6, 2016, a mere 6 days ago.

So the question has been asked, is this snow boarding video video real or fake? There have been many videos that have either been digitally altered or simply staged and have fooled just about everyone while becoming viral. From my class notes on viral videos:

Theme– Most “viral videos” fit into one of 4 thematic categories:

1) Parody of something popular and timely or just plain silly

2) Sex

3) Cute as hell, and

4) Did that just happen? (It usually didn’t.)

In this case, it’s “did that just happen?”

For some context here are some examples of viral videos that were not authentic. One of the greatest staged videos that I can recall was put on by ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel show in which a young woman was attempting to “twerk” on camera, but ultimately fell, knocked over a candle and caught herself on fire. After gaining traction and views, Jimmy Kimmel released the reveal video admitting that is was fake and subsequently making all the people and legitimate news sites that reported on it feel like complete morons. At the same time forcing us to assess what is real or fake online, an important learning lesson in today’s social media culture.

Another digitally faked video ultimately turned out to be a car ad after the dust settled. Nissans Airplane Landing gear save video gained a lot of attention along with some of their other videos which the FTC eventually got involved with citing false product representation.

If you’re curious about the making of the video, here’s a quick video showcasing some of the VFX work that went into it…

Back to the snow boarding video. The video is certainly convincing, but I’m leaning towards fake. On the first view, I was simply blown away that this happened to this girl. I was literally in awe and my heart began to race as glimpses of a bear came into view as the camera panned and moved with the snowboarder. This was another cause for the video to go viral. But on the second view, I started to look more closely at the each snippet where the bear was present in the video. Things that I saw fell in line with things I look for in my job as a video production manager. Motion blur is present on the bear when other objects near it contained no motion blur. The shading/lightness of the bear didn’t quite match either, but was still very similar to the other elements in the video. The deal was sealed when I looked at the shot where the bear ultimately gives up and stops chasing the rider. The bear simply fades away very quickly, almost like a genie. The editor/compositor of the video likely wanted people to think that the dusting stirred up by the snow caused this effect, but it’s just too quick to look real. These observations combined with the newness of the account seem a little too convinient and add to my opinion of the video being fake.

Like the Jimmy Kimmel video, as funny and unbelieveable or as awe inspiring the video is, we need to remain media literate and still question the information we’re being given. I have no issue with having fun and letting go in the moment and enjoying something that is beyond belief for the sake of entertainment. But we all need to keep a good grasp on reality and the fact that not everything out there is what it seems.

Kanye Perusing Pirate Bay

By Kevin Keegan

So some interesting news this week arrived via a post by none other than the hip-hop artist, Kanye West. Never short of headlines, his latest blip on social media is especially ironic considering the industry from which he claims his fame is also the one he appears to be cheating.

This image was pulled directly from the publicly visible @kanyewest Twitter Account. 

An image that West posted on his twitter feed (@kanyewest) shows what appears to be himself listening to Sufjan Steven’s song, “Death With Dignity,” on YouTube. But it wasn’t the subject of the photo that made headlines, it was the other tabs that were open on the web browser in the image. They consisted of…

  • Xfer Records Serum t…
  • Pirate Bay Torrent Xf…
  • The 50 Best VST/AU p…
  • MediaDownloader
  • MacKeeper


This may not mean much to anyone outside of the music or audio engineering industry, but let me summarize. A VST/AU plugin or Virtual Studio Technology is essentially synthesizer or effect that works within digital audio editing software. Xfer Records Serum is an audio effect plugin that retails for about $200. Pirate Bay is an infamous website that is used for the distribution of pirated copies of music, movies, and software. And the last tab of interest is MacKeeper, a piece of software for Apple computers that allows users to control the internet traffic in and out of their computer, including software activation and verification traffic. This essentially allows users to thwart pirated software from activating.

The combination of these items together is more than coincidence I would argue, and is quite suspect to say the least. Even fellow Tidal artist, Deadmau5, called Kayne out calling him a, “dick.” While there are certainly explanations for this particular history of internet browsing and no way to verify from the image that this is even his computer, this is a perfect example of why you have to be careful about what you put on the internet. Some images can be more than they seem, especially if you’re $53 Million in debt. As an artist that wants to limit how and where his fans can listen to his music in order for the artists to make the money they deserve, it certainly seems apt for that artist to do the same for the technologies that allow them to do what they do.

Original Article:

NAB 2013

Eight years! It’s been eight years since I’ve been to NAB. 2005 was the last and only time I’ve had the privilege of attending the National Association of Broadcasters trade show. That was when I was fresh out of school and was attending both NAB and the BEA awards for my Special Olympics video. That was quite an experience. I’ve been out several times since then and if I remember correctly this will be my sixth trip to Las Vegas.

I’ll be posting pics of the event during the two days that I’m attending. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new gadgets and wiz-bangs. I’m also looking for some specific technology for Millenia 3 as well. Wish me luck!

Update: I’m here… thought I’d post a pic or two since it’s just a few hours until bed time.

Millenia 3 Has Moved

New building! Millenia 3 is officially in Kennesaw, GA now.

This building is a huge step for myself as well as our company. It’s allowed me to take on the lead role in the design and implementation of all the systems from the ground up for the first time. Three fully functional and redundant HD editing suites which control, via KVM, the towers in our centralized machine room. We have room to expand and the possibilities for growth are endless.

Andrew Walker, fellow photog, and I took on the task of creating a nice building shot for our move announcement and promotional materials.

It was shot on a Canon 7D with a 10-22mm. We did about 6 different exposures and manually composited in Photoshop CS6.

Update: I found some pics of the photo shoot…

More Red News…

Jannard’s Post on�

New announcement on Dec. 3rd. Everything has changed… just as we promised. 🙂


My hope with this announcement is some sort of projection system that will allow all this wonderous resolution to do some good.  Jannard went on to say,
The 13th was insignificant…


What could possibly make the 13th insignificant…?  Not really sure.  I don’t think they would try and top the announcement of the new modular system, but simply create something that would complement or accessorize it.

We’ll wait and see in another week!

RED: A Truly "EPIC" Announcement

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been waiting for this ever since rumors started to swirl a few months back. Today RED announced a new camera system that should completely revolutionize the film/tv/photography industries. The DSMC (Digital Still and Motion Camera) system, it utilizes a completely modular design allowing the user to not only customize the system to suit their needs, but also replace/upgrade pieces as they are released, needed, or as funds are available.

The core of the new setup are these new mysterium based sensor blocks, called “brains”. These “brains” are physically simlilar, but are made up of different sensor sizes, frame rate capabilities, and lens mount options. The sensor resolutions range from a new 2/3″ 3k Mysterium-x (sub-$2500) all the way to this unfathomable, 186x56mm 28k (yes, 28000 x 9334 pixels) Mysterium-Monstro, with 6 other configurations in between. Outside of the sensor block are numerous options that can be attached to the rig, including a new 1080p viewfinder, DSMC I/O plate (with timecode syncs, xlr jacks, and dual-link HD-SDI monitoring), and REDhandle (a new DSLR style grip that can not only power the camera but gives the user various camera specific controls right at their fingertips).
The camera can be setup in a near infinite number of variations from a DSLR rig to purpose built film camera.

This is the most well thought out project I’ve ever seen. They’re really putting the creativity back into the user’s hands and allowing them the possibilities to do anything. Can’t wait for them to release this.

[Images via Engadget]