A moment in 60 seconds or less

Now that Instagram has finally increased their video length to 60, fun-filled, useable seconds, people are finally going to be able to make something interesting. 15-seconds was great for short clips and even made for some very funny moments when a video would auto-repeat. 60-seconds opens the door to where someone can be reached by […]

Snowboarder Chased By Bear – Authenticity Online

By Kevin Keegan I was sent a video yesterday with footage that was beyond belief. Footage that was so crazy, there was no doubt to why this video was in the news. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or the fact that it was captured. As of this writing, the video has garnered over […]

Kanye Perusing Pirate Bay

By Kevin Keegan So some interesting news this week arrived via a post by none other than the hip-hop artist, Kanye West. Never short of headlines, his latest blip on social media is especially ironic considering the industry from which he claims his fame is also the one he appears to be cheating. Day 3 pic.twitter.com/zPw0eFEFGF — KANYE […]

More Red News…

Jannard’s Post on Reduser.net:� “New announcement on Dec. 3rd. Everything has changed… just as we promised. 🙂 Jim “ My hope with this announcement is some sort of projection system that will allow all this wonderous resolution to do some good.  Jannard went on to say, “The 13th was insignificant… Jim” What could possibly make […]

RED: A Truly "EPIC" Announcement

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been waiting for this ever since rumors started to swirl a few months back. Today RED announced a new camera system that should completely revolutionize the film/tv/photography industries. The DSMC (Digital Still and Motion Camera) system, it utilizes a completely modular design allowing the user to not only customize […]