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Nikon D90 18-105mm + Canon Wide Angle = !!!

Hello, it’s been a while…I’ve been busy with the Holidays. Hope everyone has had some good times and good fortune.
So I’ve kinda put this off for a while and haven’t thought much of it ’til recently…
I’ve been checking out lenses for the D90 lately and have actually ordered the renown Tokina 11-16mm Ultrawide today. It should be here by 7PM new year’s eve!!! But that’s another post all together. I’ve also been looking at Lens Baby’s. These little lenses give the image a central point of focus with a gradient blur emanating from it. A very cool and artistic effect (if that’s what you like).
By accident, I stumbled across a way to create this effect or at least a similar effect. Out in LA in October, I was primarily shooting video. The camera I was using was a Canon GL2 with a wide angle bayonet adapter on it. Specifically the Canon WD-58H wide angle adapter.

Now what I ended up experimenting with was placing this wideangle lens backwards up against the lens hood of the D90’s kit 18-105mm DX lens. Actually the outside of the 18-105mm lens hood fit perfectly around those two little plastic lips on the top and bottom of the glass inside the lens hood in this image.

All I had to do was keep the lens zoomed out to 105mm and keep the canon wide angle from falling off. All the camera settings and focus settings stayed the same. Well anyways, I ended up with images like these.

Now what you’re not seeing is the serious vignetting that was going on. But with a bit of a crop and some thought into framing the subject, all is well. Here’s one without a crop…

So while this isn’t necessarily a cheaper way or better way to do what a lens baby can do, it’s still cheaper than a tilt/shift lens and produces a pretty good result. I think the hardest part was trying to pan with the cars with while holding that added weight at the end of the lens. So enjoy, and maybe if you’re like me…a videographer with access to odd lens and adapters, feel free to mess around. Maybe you’ll come up with something that hasn’t been done before or just looks cool.