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Red Clay Rally Documentary

The next large scale release from Peach State Overland was just launched. This time, coverage of the first annual Red Clay Rally, organized by Overland Tennessee. This was a 3-day monte carlo style rally that spanned across paved and unpaved roads throughout the Appalachian Mountains from north-eastern Tennessee down through North Carolina and Georgia. For those who are unaware, as I was, a monte carlo style rally is not a race, but a timed event where the goal is to match as closely as possible to a set goal time. In this case, the organizer set the pace on a pre-run months prior to the event. If your team was too slow when compared to the goal time, you lost points, but if your team was too fast, you also lost points.

On the video production side of Peach State Overland, I’ve come to the conclusion that the better way to provide coverage of our trips is to, unfortunately, not drive. Capturing the details, the dialogue, the better angles, all require attention that is hard to spare when you’re driving your own rig. This is not only the case when driving, but setting up camp as well. Simply put, if your attention is diverted elsewhere, the content will naturally suffer. For the Red Clay Rally, the team wanted to put this theory to the test. We ran a three vehicle team, and all six (at the time) team member’s were in attendance. Specifically, we had three drivers responsible for each of their rigs, one navigator in the lead vehicle, and two people responsible for video/production.  This allowed everyone to have a predetermined scope of responsibility and in my opinion, helped greatly.

The rally was hard work and put our team dynamic to the test. Ultimately, the video production improved. But you can be the judge.

A moment in 60 seconds or less

Now that Instagram has finally increased their video length to 60, fun-filled, useable seconds, people are finally going to be able to make something interesting. 15-seconds was great for short clips and even made for some very funny moments when a video would auto-repeat. 60-seconds opens the door to where someone can be reached by the video, but not so wide that there’s not a challenge in editing for time—one of the larger challenges of visual story telling—but also not so long that the viewer loses interest when they’re in that “insta-” frame of mind and just want something quick and visually appealing. I welcome the compromise.

For Peach State Overland, we’ve had the ability to get in some good rides the last two weekends in Tennessee. One in the Cherokee State Forest and this past weekend in Prentice Cooper State Forest. I’ve tried to do my best in capturing some quick clips with the DJI Osmo while still enjoying the trip. With the footage, I’ve come up with some short edits that summarize the rides and play well on Instagram and Youtube. PSO has contact with a local band that we’ve been tapping for some great summer music for the videos, Jackson County Line.