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It’s almost that time of year again

Time for the creation of the Millenia 3 company holiday card. It the spirit of the project I thought I’d recap on what we (Andrew Walker and I) put together last year. I think this was our best card yet. You can see that we started out with one idea refined it a bit and and it slowly shifted into the finished product. All the while, we were trying to stick to our theme. You’re done with your work, we’re done with ours, go home and enjoy the holidays! I think it worked out well. Now to begin planning for this years card. Continue reading “It’s almost that time of year again”

4touge.com Hoodie

My latest design for 4touge.com.  We had a little competition on our car forum to do some design work for our first hoodie.  Unfortunately, no one really entered anything, so we just went with my design.  The theme involves the fusion of certain key parts to the performance of a car; engine power, braking, and suspension.  All combine to give you the best performance while driving on twisty mountain roads.  Hope you like.

Illustrator Project – Self Portrait

Last quarter I took my first Illustrator class at Chattahoochee Tech.  First off, AWESOME PROGRAM.  Now, for our first project we were required to take a photo of our choosing and turn it in to a vector graphic with color.  Ok…so I decided to propose a challenge to myself and do a self-portrait.  Self-portraits have always been something that I veered away from, but this seemed to be a good opportunity to face that fear head on…when else was I going to.  I was also inspired to do so after seeing my friend Tracy’s self portrait vector project she completed at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

So here it is…I think it is pretty decent and also hilarious…a true representation of the goofy side that only a few people in my life get the privilege of seeing.

Wrecked…2 down

2 more issues have been done since I last posted regarding Wrecked Magazine. Many great sections and some mediocre covers. One good thing that came out of this last issue is the K&N ad that I did. While simple, it definitely nailed what they wanted I think. All I have to go on is the fact that they approved it on the first proof. (Which brings up the point that criticism is a great thing, so at least you know where to improve.) I’m sure the design could be better but how would I know. Well the client appears happy, so you can’t ask for much more than that.

Update: It’s live!