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An opportunity came up from my friend and photographer, Bill Manning. Bill had recently gained access to some studio space in Downtown Atlanta and wanted to experiment with new lighting techniques. I put a bug in his ear that if there were ever some time he needed to mess around with gear or lighting, etc. to give me a call cause I would love to get some nice headshots done. The time had arrived.

Despite some complications in the scheduling of the studio, we made it work. All in all, we spent 3 or so hours with setup and takedown and came out with some really nice digital and film shots. Bill is a Nikon guy, which I tend to hold against him, but I know they make just as good of a camera as the competition. He has also ran through some film on his Mamiya medium format camera. We bounced lighting ideas back and forth and played around with different light reflectors and diffusers. It was a really good experience.

If you need portraits done, give him a call! http://www.billmanningphotography.com