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Kalu Yala – Serenbe Shoot

This past May, I had the fortunate opportunity to assist in the taping of a promotional event for a self-sustaining planned community to be constructed in Panama, called Kalu Yala. I was hired my Michael Gough, a highschool friend of my boss at Millenia 3, Robert Owen.

We had a great time shooting and got to really take in some of the “green” topics that the speakers touched upon. This was also my first time visiting Serenbe, a self-sustaining community in south west Georgia. They were the gracious hosts of the event, and not only took care of their guests that weekend but also the crew.

We had three shooters, Michael, myself, and a third, Mark Refuss. We all shot in HD, I ran an HVR-Z1U, while the other guys ran PMW-EX3’s (impressive camera).

There’s some potential in the future, if the project continues on the right track, for some follow up shoots in Panama. Here’s hoping…