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LA – Day 6

We got a later start this morning. We started out with a trip across the street from where we were staying at the Universal Hilton hotel, to In-and-Out Burger. Double-double Animal style…the only way to get it. After that we opted to skip our previous plans to visit the LA County Museum of Art and the La Brea tar pits to instead go to Universal Studios to better enjoy the beautiful weather that we had.

We did Terminator 2: 3D, very outdated but still pretty entertaining. Also, Simpsons: The Ride, Shrek 4D, and The Mummy: The Ride. Of these, Simpsons was the newest and the best, using a near IMAX size screen and a flight simulator-like chassis to pull you right into the “Krusty Land” experience. And in a close second, The Mummy ride. This is an entirely indoor roller coaster that is short but well worth it…ride it twice if the lines are short.

After that we headed back to West Hollywood to meet up with Joey and Jason. I had to pick up a camera case for me to carry on for my flight back to Atlanta. We all chatted for a bit then Ash and I went to the Burton Outlet, and the Kidrobot store. Ash and I then made our way to Yogurtland which we’re told was recently the hotness in LA’s yogurt eating trend. Entirely self-serve, this yogurt paradise is a great place to stop in and get some refreshing mid-afternoon treats. Pick your cup size, pick your flavors and then toppings, but be careful as you’re paying by the ounce. $0.30/oz at the time.

Later, we had our name on the list for the green room at Jimmy Kimmel Live! After arriving we we’re told that the green room was up to capacity, so we waited outside for a while and checked out the stage that was setup outside for Kanye tonight. After a few minutes we returned to check on the green room. I looked down the alley as xenon headlights were barreling towards us. Two black Escalades on 24’s came to a halt right in front of us. I thought to myself, this has to be Kanye. Security jumped out and cleared the area and then Kanye, who is an arrogant half man, came out with two others in his entourage and entered the theater. We eventually made it in to the green room. They had free drinks, which was really nice.

Kanye’s performance was interesting. He performed “Love Lockdown”…eventually. He ended up doing the song 3 times. Thank goodness this wan’t a live broadcast of the musical part of the show. He blamed the band for screwing up for the most part. I’m not a big fan of the guy to begin with but this was really icing on the cake. He apologized for being un professional and performed 2 extra songs for the crowd. Overall this was a cool experience and was definitely a good show after all that crap.

LA – Day 5

Ash and I started out on Hollywood Blvd. for some morning Mc D’s. We continued shopping in that area and also East and West Melrose Ave. We met up with some friends at the Grove and got some lunch at the Cheesecake factory there. I know our choice in food isn’t very great…everything we ate pretty much we could easily get here in Atlanta but oh well, maybe next time we’ll research some more.

After that we drove up to the Hollywood Trail to check out the view and escape all the noise of the busling city below. Very romantical. We went back to the hotel after that cleaned up and headed to Universal CityWalk for some more shopping and dinner. We hit this great store called “It’s Sugar,” and I think the total purchase was $40 of candy. We had dinner at Wasabi, a not so good sushi joint at CityWalk. The only good thing was a big bottle of Asahi and also we saw John Stamos eating there as well. The sideburns gave him away.

LA – Day 3

The championship for the Formula D 2008 season was today. The morning started out trying to setup some interviews for later that night and getting some pre-event interviews out of the way. After that I was let go for the afternoon as I wasn’t technically being paid for any shooting on Saturday. I stuck around and shot some stills of various things going on throughout pit row as well as some of the top 32 drift practice.

In addition to seeing an awesome drift event today, I found time to hit the Hollyridge Trail. A great way to see the Hollywood sign and take some great pics. I was also able to drive by some other great sights like the Disney Music Hall and the Chinese Theater. Both we’re found inadvertently by a simple re-route by my GPS unit…I was simply trying to avoid traffic and ended up seeing some cool stuff.

After my brief tour of LA I picked up some In-and-Out Burger and headed back to the track for the top 16 finals. Vaughn Gittin JR. ended up with the event win while Tanner Foust took home his second series win making him the first back to back series point winner. Oh and Rhys Millen won the coveted? tires.com triple crown title.

We hit up a high end restaurant to wrap up the season’s work on Wrecked Magazine. Denny’s…oh well, it was still fun and good food.

Jayke and I just got to the Radisson Hotel at LAX to stay the night. He has an early flight and I have to pick up Ashley aswell.

K, bed time.

LA – Day 2

Woke up, had breakfast downstairs in the hotel. It was pretty good. Freshly made waffle’s are yum yums.

We got to the track and I was on my own. Joey left to go pick up Jayke, Wrecked’s sales guy. So I was left to video and tweet (twitter) everything I saw. There we’re a few wrecks during practice. Hiro Sumida, McNamara, Pat Attack, and Bill Sherman all ended up in the wall at one point or another.

Overall the day went well. We headed into Pasadena again to grab dinner and drinks with Joey’s friend Crispin tonight. Then I decided to head back to the hotel for some rest while Joey and Jayke headed to little tokyo for a J-pop concert.

I’m Here…LA

Day #1: I’m still overwhelmed when I see the smog in this city, regardless I’m ecstatic to be here.

We’re staying in Baldwin Park at the Courtyard by Marriott, which is about 5-10min south of Irwindale Speedway where the Formula D championship is being held.

Stay tuned for qualifying tomorrow. It’ll be an early morning with the mandatory media meeting at 9am.

The rest of the day after arriving at LAX included getting stuck in lots of LA traffic, a late lunch at Louise’s Tratoria in Pasadena, a trip down the street to the apple store to get Joey an iPod USB charger cable, Thai dinner with Antonio Alvendia, and now…bed.

I love this town!

Formula D ’08 – Long Beach, CA "The Trip"

Thursday Night: We landed in LAX. It was 3am as far as my body was concerned. We headed to “The Kettle” for a late, late dinner, then headed to the Residence Inn: Marriott. Little did I know that my sleeping arrangements would equal two couch cushions and some sheets. “All expense paid”…next time I’ll read the fine print lol. It ended up being very comfortable, the worst of it was having to endure everyone else staying up late and chatting right next to me.

Fri/Sat – Formula D – Long Beach ’08:
The friday qualifier went great. I learned the angles of the track and found the best places to post up the Canon GL2 and shoot. Saturday’s main event was awesome. We had perfect weather, which I’ve heard is typical for Cali’, and the event was a success as the driver I was hired to cover (Chris Forsberg/NOS Energy Drink/Maxxis) placed 1st.

Chris Forsberg – 1st

Sam Hubinette – 2nd

Tanner Foust – 3rd

Vaughn Gitten Jr. – 10th

Sunday – Sightseeing:
I thought LA was a beautiful overall. We never did make it downtown but did get a chance to visit K-town (Little Korea), Pasadena and West Hollywood. Here are some random pics from the trip: Enjoy (and cut me some slack…it’s a Sony Point-n-shoot)!

Long Beach, CA

Some awesome Graffiti in West Hollywood…

Pasadena, CA

Some awesome Italian…

and the worlds best coffee.

Can’t wait to go back…maybe for Formula D – Irwindale!!!

Formula D ’08 – Long Beach, CA

I’ve been hired to shoot some video coverage of this year’s Formula D – Long Beach event. It should be pretty cool, I love drifting and it will be a pleasure, considering the last time I shot Formula D was the Chicago event in Aug. 2006. The footage is being used in my friends e-zine, Wrecked. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to work on the next issue’s graphics and page layouts aswell.