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4touge.com Hoodie

My latest design for 4touge.com.  We had a little competition on our car forum to do some design work for our first hoodie.  Unfortunately, no one really entered anything, so we just went with my design.  The theme involves the fusion of certain key parts to the performance of a car; engine power, braking, and suspension.  All combine to give you the best performance while driving on twisty mountain roads.  Hope you like.

Wrecked Vol. 2 Issue 6 Is Out!!!

Wrecked Vol. 2 Issue 6 is out.  This issue was dubbed the “Champions” issue, to coincide with the 2 year anniversary of Wrecked Magazine.  We finished just in the nick of time before SEMA ’09.

Can’t think of anything too notable in the issue, but there was one goal that Joey mentioned he wanted completed this time around. He wanted the cover to look like a magazine cover, like something you would see on a rack at the news stand.  So apparently I’ve been doing something wrong…and I was aware that covers were not my strongest feature in past issues.  So I went down the the local Barnes and Noble and perused the magazine isle for inspiration.  I saw exactly what I expected to see, a central and purposeful photo surrounded by bold faced, easy to read headlines that were strategically placed in the negative space of the main photo.  So…

I think I did better this time around and with virtually no revisions from my editor…done.

Wrecked…2 down

2 more issues have been done since I last posted regarding Wrecked Magazine. Many great sections and some mediocre covers. One good thing that came out of this last issue is the K&N ad that I did. While simple, it definitely nailed what they wanted I think. All I have to go on is the fact that they approved it on the first proof. (Which brings up the point that criticism is a great thing, so at least you know where to improve.) I’m sure the design could be better but how would I know. Well the client appears happy, so you can’t ask for much more than that.

Update: It’s live!

Formula D Atlanta ’09 Pics

Rhys Millen
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Formula D was last weekend in Atlanta, Ga. I decided to rent a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 and see what I could get. The pics turned out well. Still need a lot of practice to get the panning down but I’ll get it. The pics were edited in Aperture using Nik Color FX Pro, Sharpener Pro, and Dfine. Enjoy

Design Elements !@#$%^&*(){}[]\|;:’",<.>/?~`

Sometimes all you need to make your design more interesting, is to use some kind of element or symbol to help draw the composition together. A resource is right at your finger tips. Your keyboard. Let’s take a business card for example. Maybe it’s something relevant to your email address like an “@”. An “@” that is oversized (it’s vector-based, so it won’t pixelate), maybe a contrasting color, can all help set off a certain part of your design that you want to emphasize.

It may be that you are just short on resources or it might be that you don’t have access to photoshop and you have to resort to your trusty backup, Pixlr.

A graphical element can be a very simple and powerful asset to a design. It’s something that catches the eye and can be very relevant and literal to the point you’re trying to get across or it can be a little something that ties it all together visually, or both. So, if you’re missing just a little something, don’t forget to look down.