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Edelkrone SliderOne Pro

Mail call! I have a new piece of kit that I’ve been wanting for a while and this particular brand checked most of the boxes for me. The Edelkrone SliderOne Pro.

A quick summary of my wants:
I was looking for something to add some production value to interviews, b-roll, and any other motivated slider shot. But along with that, something that is more portable than my existing IGUS based DIY slider. The only thing I didn’t like on this unit was the price, especially when you’re only getting just under 8in of slider travel. But when you look at other motorized slider systems, they cost 3x as much typically, and again put me in pinch over whether I want to lug a 3ft+ slider around to locations.

The box includes:

  • The SliderOne Pro unit
  • A small allen/hex key tool for adjustments
  • a 1/4-20 to 3/8 adapter screw
  • Instruction manual with QR code

One of the aspects I was concerned about was noise. It does make some, but how much exactly. I did a very basic test with a dB meter (A weighted) on my iPhone to find out. I did one set up readings 1 inch from the center of the slider as the slider completed one complete movement from A to B at a given speed. Then another set of readings from 6ft away to simulate a more real world recording distance. The results are good. It’s obvious you wouldn’t want to use a mic that is mounted to or near the slider, but at distance, it’s practically inaudible.

Edelkrone SliderOne Pro dB Test

- A weighting
- Baseline reading 27dB
(%) Slider Speed(dB) 1in from Center of Slider(dB) 6ft from Slider


(I purchased this myself and am not being paid/supported/or have any relationship with Edelkrone.)