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NAB 2013

Eight years! It’s been eight years since I’ve been to NAB. 2005 was the last and only time I’ve had the privilege of attending the National Association of Broadcasters trade show. That was when I was fresh out of school and was attending both NAB and the BEA awards for my Special Olympics video. That was quite an experience. I’ve been out several times since then and if I remember correctly this will be my sixth trip to Las Vegas.

I’ll be posting pics of the event during the two days that I’m attending. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new gadgets and wiz-bangs. I’m also looking for some specific technology for Millenia 3 as well. Wish me luck!

Update: I’m here… thought I’d post a pic or two since it’s just a few hours until bed time.

Bye Bye, Canon EOS-M

Image courtesy of BHphotovideo.com

I made a trip to San Francisco in the beginning of March for a vacation. Even during the planning stage for the trip I was beginning to dread taking my heavy 60D with me. I did end up taking it, without the grip and with only the 28-135mm kit lens. And while I appreciated the speed and incredibly sharper and more dynamic images than that of my iPhone 5, I hated the weight of it. By the end of the trip I was already researching mirror-less camera options to sub in for my 60D for my next excursion. Continue reading “Bye Bye, Canon EOS-M”

Canon Visit

We had a visitor today. Canon! Robert, my boss, just happens to be friends with Mark Karwisch, the Southeastern Broadcast Account Manager at Canon U.S.A. He made the trip down to our office and brought with him a few toys for us to look over. Let’s see here… the XA10, XF105, XF305, 5D Mark III, and the C300. The C300 is the one we’ve been waiting for and I hadn’t had a chance to go hands-on with one yet.

We’ve been looking for something that is a little easier on the workflow than the current HDSLR’s we’ve been shooting with. Ever since this camera was announced, it’s been gaining more and more of my interest, especially with all the positive reviews that have come down the pipe. I’m tired of syncing audio, i’m tired of the tiny LCD screen, and i’m tired of the limited record time. I’m not going to go into details as to the pro’s and con’s of this camera, all I can say is that this exactly what I need to solve the issues that I’m tired of dealing with. Time will tell if we end up getting one or justifying the cost of ownership vs just renting. But I definitely appreciate Mark taking the time to come out and show us the latest goodies that Canon is offering.

Google Wave

I’m now on the wave…

Overall, i’m baffled at the amount of hype that Google’s Wave has received.  Enormous amounts of press spoke of the revolution of email.  This eventually led to mixed reviews from the tech blogs, though.  Bottom line, this is a step in the right direction.  It has a lot of kinks still, and a lot of features that have yet to be added.  But as a tool for small business, especially one’s with the need to a collaborate on creative ideas, this just might be the ticket.  It’s like email, an online forum, and IM all in one.  So far I like it.

Snow Leopard Upgrade

Well, my family and I have just ordered the family pack of OSX Snow Leopard. I’m very excited about the slight speed bump and extra HD space but will of course be holding off on any production machines at home or at work. Too many pieces of software are still unproven with it and it’s just smart to wait a few weeks for all developers to work out the kinks. Happy upgrading.

Update: All computers at the house have been upgraded to Snow Leopard. All apps passed the compatibility test and I’m good to go. Still need to investigate the changes to Quicktime and how to continue to use QT7pro efficiently.

Update 2: Okay so I’ve found a few bugs. One documented and one not so much.

First, I can’t turn on airport on my iMac. There’s a fix involving deleteing preferences, but that does some weird stuff with the way the computer shows up as a shared volume.

Second inside illustrator, when you high-light text, the high-light box flickers like crazy. Not sure what’s going on here, but that doesn’t affect any functionality. It just looks sketchy.

“Layers” for iPhone

I started off using “Brushes” for iPhone, a very capable app. But coming from a photoshop background, I was still missing a few features that would make painting on an iPhone an easier transition for me. “Layers” brings some of those features to the platform at long last.

The first feature of course, is the use of layers. The is the first step towards non-destructive painting that the app offers to artists. Up to five layers can be utilized, re-arranged, painted on, filled, and deleted. Import pictures to layers and you can do some simple photo compositing too. You can even undo your steps (up to 30) using the counter-clockwise arrow and watch your changes backtrack on their respective layers in layer view. And then redo them as well. Pretty neat to watch.

The next tool is the eraser tool. Erase on any layer, with full access to the different brushes and sizes and a transparency adjustment slider. Finally! Like I said, I come from a photoshop background where I can erase something or even better, mask it out. But with “Brushes”, I was not able to do any erasing only additive corrections meaning if you went outside the lines so-to-speak, you’d have to re-paint what you screwed up with a similar/identical color. Seemingly “adding” paint strokes on top of paint strokes. Since you’re currently limited to five layers, there is still the possibility that you might need to re-paint or paint over something on one of those layers. Regardless the eraser tool is a very welcome addition.

Much of the same tools and utilities from “Brushes” have been used in “Layers” as well. Color sampling by holding your finger down on the color you want. Also an eyedropper tool that can sample all layers or your current one. Pinch to zoom, and also double-tap to zoom to a specific area (at 200%), and 1000% max zoom (over “Brushes” 800%) allowing for pixel specific painting.

Export settings include email as flattened JPEG, PSD (yes, a photoshop document) with layers, send to your photo album on your device, or save as duplicate. So you can take you’re layered painting and edit it right into Photoshop.

While this app won’t make you magically have talent (as I was hoping for), it will give you a greater tool set in which to create your next mobile masterpiece. Add a Pogo Stylus and you’re good to go.