Producing Journey To Moab

We’ve been on the road for a little over 3 hours today as we’ve made our way up 24 from Capitol Reef National Park with a quick stop at Goblin Valley—our final destination for the day is a campsite near Rainbow Terrace Trail just north of Canyonlands. I haven’t truly showered in 3 days, unless […]

LA – Day 6

We got a later start this morning. We started out with a trip across the street from where we were staying at the Universal Hilton hotel, to In-and-Out Burger. Double-double Animal style…the only way to get it. After that we opted to skip our previous plans to visit the LA County Museum of Art and […]

LA – Day 5

Ash and I started out on Hollywood Blvd. for some morning Mc D’s. We continued shopping in that area and also East and West Melrose Ave. We met up with some friends at the Grove and got some lunch at the Cheesecake factory there. I know our choice in food isn’t very great…everything we ate […]

LA – Day 3

The championship for the Formula D 2008 season was today. The morning started out trying to setup some interviews for later that night and getting some pre-event interviews out of the way. After that I was let go for the afternoon as I wasn’t technically being paid for any shooting on Saturday. I stuck around […]

LA – Day 2

Woke up, had breakfast downstairs in the hotel. It was pretty good. Freshly made waffle’s are yum yums. We got to the track and I was on my own. Joey left to go pick up Jayke, Wrecked’s sales guy. So I was left to video and tweet (twitter) everything I saw. There we’re a few […]