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Wrecked Vol. 2 Issue 6 Is Out!!!

Wrecked Vol. 2 Issue 6 is out.  This issue was dubbed the “Champions” issue, to coincide with the 2 year anniversary of Wrecked Magazine.  We finished just in the nick of time before SEMA ’09.

Can’t think of anything too notable in the issue, but there was one goal that Joey mentioned he wanted completed this time around. He wanted the cover to look like a magazine cover, like something you would see on a rack at the news stand.  So apparently I’ve been doing something wrong…and I was aware that covers were not my strongest feature in past issues.  So I went down the the local Barnes and Noble and perused the magazine isle for inspiration.  I saw exactly what I expected to see, a central and purposeful photo surrounded by bold faced, easy to read headlines that were strategically placed in the negative space of the main photo.  So…

I think I did better this time around and with virtually no revisions from my editor…done.

Wrecked…2 down

2 more issues have been done since I last posted regarding Wrecked Magazine. Many great sections and some mediocre covers. One good thing that came out of this last issue is the K&N ad that I did. While simple, it definitely nailed what they wanted I think. All I have to go on is the fact that they approved it on the first proof. (Which brings up the point that criticism is a great thing, so at least you know where to improve.) I’m sure the design could be better but how would I know. Well the client appears happy, so you can’t ask for much more than that.

Update: It’s live!

Formula D Media Coverage – No Cell Phone Cameras

The few times that I’ve attended Formula D events as part of the press, the officials there always stated that they want to see real deal cameras out there. This means no cell phone cameras or point-n-shoots. They have their reasons for saying that I guess. But I’m not clear on what they are and I’ve never tried to challenge them on this. I have always used prosumer/professional equipment at the events regardless. Well times are changing. Print media isn’t necessarily dying, but web media is definitely on the rise. With many of the automobile based magazines shutting down their operations, web media is the consumer’s only alternative to get the information that they crave. E-zines and blogs, like WreckedMagazine.com and Speedhunters.com are fast becoming the go-to outlet for drifting and other motorsports coverage.

So, how does this relate to Formula D’s media rules?

The Internet generation wants their information fast, really fast. To me, this means that technology to get that information published quickly, needs to be utilized to its fullest potential. But this doesn’t mean the coverage can lack quality. Typical equipment for shooting a Formula D event could be a digital video camera (at least something from the prosumer class) and/or DSLR. Turn around time can be quick if done correctly. Usually media, whether it be video or stills, can be posted that night, after the event. But the current trend across the Internet is moving towards real time. People want streams of video, status updates of their friends, and instant news coverage reported live, as it happens. So how do you accomplish that? New technologies/services such as Twitter, allow websites to publish short 140 character headlines and other facts in real time, as they happen. A blog can be set to import this Twitter feed along with anyone else using certain key words, such as #FD or #FormulaD. This not only allows the authors of the website/blog to contribute, but also allows anyone with a cellphone or laptop attending the event to collaborate via text, images, or URL links, current happenings from their point of view as they occur.

The future also holds a number of great things for real-time streaming media. The revolutionary Apple iPhone is set to enter its 3rd generation this summer and it promises to be quite a leap forward. Rumored specifics as to the devices capabilities include shooting video as well as an industry first, basic video editing within the device. Imagine the possibilities that this kind of tech could open up for journalists alone.

Another potential packed technology is the Eye-fi SD card. This card can auto upload photos from a digital camera via Wifi hotspot connections. Combine this with Verizon’s new Mifi 3G portable wifi router and an amazing point-n-shoot like the Canon G10 Powershot, and you can produce fantastic images and have the ability to upload those high quality photos in near real time.

On my last trip to LA for FD Irwindale, I was toting around a Canon GL2, Nikon D90, and my blackberry curve. I shot video of drift runs first, waiting for something to report on, then shot high quality stills, and then a secondary shot with my curve to post to Wrecked Magazines Twitter feed. All very important to the success of the story. A reminder though, technology is useless without the knowledge of how and when to utilize it. It is merely a tool though, you still need to be able to tell a story. That is the root of all journalism. And by no means should this new technology replace tried and true approaches and outlets. The need for a solid flow of well written articles, quality edited video and sharp photographs published or broadcast in a timely manner, will never run dry. But with the additional need to be the first on the scene with current events, it is definitely worth it to invest in another hand or person to report via these new tools.

Formula D is going to have to change the way they look at media coverage as a whole if they plan on getting the most out of it. Cell phones, as well as point-n-shoots are becoming perfectly capable for the production of the futures web-based media.

Formula D Atlanta ’09 Pics

Rhys Millen
Originally uploaded by kevinkeeganpro

Formula D was last weekend in Atlanta, Ga. I decided to rent a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 and see what I could get. The pics turned out well. Still need a lot of practice to get the panning down but I’ll get it. The pics were edited in Aperture using Nik Color FX Pro, Sharpener Pro, and Dfine. Enjoy

Wrecked Magazine Vol 2 Issue 3 is out!!!

So the ninth issue for Wrecked Magazine and the sixth issue for me, is complete. This one was on a time crunch as usual, with a week and a half to the due date, I just scraped by. We needed it out within a week of the Long Beach Formula D opening event.

In the last two issues, I’ve incorporated shots from my D90 into the layouts. They help with story telling and assist with text organization and flow. With this issue, I was able to use two. One was for the Formula D preview; the section contains relatively tight lipped info regarding cars being built for the 2009 Formula D season.

And the other was for 2009 Formula D Predictions. My fiance and copy editor for Wrecked Magazine, Ashley, brainstormed a bit for this one. Other ideas that came up were a poker theme or dice, a crystal ball and even a justice scale. But in the end I opted for the fortune cookie. It was cheaper to do and with the cookies and use of a spare rim and falken tire I had in my garage, it came together rather well considering the time frame I was working with. And it never hurts to utilize an advertisers product in a spread.

I’ve definitely noticed a shift in my design direction with the last issue or two. I’m leaning towards using the photography in its relatively untouched state rather than creating graphics that in the end, take away from the photo. This is probably due towards my increasing interest in photography in my personal work. I still feel there is an appropriate time to use graphics. For instance, the Tanner Foust spread from Issue 6, where I wanted to put the “focus” on him, as a driver. I always try and apply an appropriate theme that a series of spreads requires, whether it be a graphical focal point to draw the viewer to the subject of the article or a simple fortune cookie to represent “predictions.”

Wrecked Vol 2 Issue 2 is out!!!

Another issue of Wrecked Magazine is done. This was one I was not looking forward to as it had to be completed over the holidays this year in order for a early January release. Once I sucked it up and got started on it, the issue ended up sucking me in as it always does, and allowing me to enjoy it. The main topic of this issue is the up and coming Pro Am drivers from around world.
I didn’t end up having a favorite spread this time around. It’s more that I really like the whole issue. Every spread ending up having something new and gritty that I really liked. Most of the images I end up going crazy on contrast or de-saturation to achieve a more retro/faded look.
Hopefully everyone likes it, but for me that’s not really the point. Working on this magazine has always been to offer a creative outlet to myself, and when the freedom of design is no longer available, I will no longer work on this magazine. So first, I design to please my personal taste, and second to make sure Joey (Editor) is happy.

Nikon D90 18-105mm + Canon Wide Angle = !!!

Hello, it’s been a while…I’ve been busy with the Holidays. Hope everyone has had some good times and good fortune.
So I’ve kinda put this off for a while and haven’t thought much of it ’til recently…
I’ve been checking out lenses for the D90 lately and have actually ordered the renown Tokina 11-16mm Ultrawide today. It should be here by 7PM new year’s eve!!! But that’s another post all together. I’ve also been looking at Lens Baby’s. These little lenses give the image a central point of focus with a gradient blur emanating from it. A very cool and artistic effect (if that’s what you like).
By accident, I stumbled across a way to create this effect or at least a similar effect. Out in LA in October, I was primarily shooting video. The camera I was using was a Canon GL2 with a wide angle bayonet adapter on it. Specifically the Canon WD-58H wide angle adapter.

Now what I ended up experimenting with was placing this wideangle lens backwards up against the lens hood of the D90’s kit 18-105mm DX lens. Actually the outside of the 18-105mm lens hood fit perfectly around those two little plastic lips on the top and bottom of the glass inside the lens hood in this image.

All I had to do was keep the lens zoomed out to 105mm and keep the canon wide angle from falling off. All the camera settings and focus settings stayed the same. Well anyways, I ended up with images like these.

Now what you’re not seeing is the serious vignetting that was going on. But with a bit of a crop and some thought into framing the subject, all is well. Here’s one without a crop…

So while this isn’t necessarily a cheaper way or better way to do what a lens baby can do, it’s still cheaper than a tilt/shift lens and produces a pretty good result. I think the hardest part was trying to pan with the cars with while holding that added weight at the end of the lens. So enjoy, and maybe if you’re like me…a videographer with access to odd lens and adapters, feel free to mess around. Maybe you’ll come up with something that hasn’t been done before or just looks cool.

Wrecked Magazine Issue #7 er…Vol 2 Issue 1

This is technically the first issue of the 2nd year for Wrecked Magazine.  It’s a bi-monthly online magazine so the 7th issue is really Vol 2 (year 2) Issue #1.  Wrecked was started last October just before SEMA with the Art Direction under an incredible digital artist Andy Sapp.  I didn’t take over until the 4th issue and have been loving it ever since.  
I was able to help out some of my spreads with my Nikon D90 this time, though any point-n-shoot would have worked for what I needed. A spread I did for an interview with the founder of the Ziptied All-star Bash required some quick pics of…you guessed it, zipties.  Over all the spread was simple and still allowed me to be a little different that what I usually do.

LA – Day 6

We got a later start this morning. We started out with a trip across the street from where we were staying at the Universal Hilton hotel, to In-and-Out Burger. Double-double Animal style…the only way to get it. After that we opted to skip our previous plans to visit the LA County Museum of Art and the La Brea tar pits to instead go to Universal Studios to better enjoy the beautiful weather that we had.

We did Terminator 2: 3D, very outdated but still pretty entertaining. Also, Simpsons: The Ride, Shrek 4D, and The Mummy: The Ride. Of these, Simpsons was the newest and the best, using a near IMAX size screen and a flight simulator-like chassis to pull you right into the “Krusty Land” experience. And in a close second, The Mummy ride. This is an entirely indoor roller coaster that is short but well worth it…ride it twice if the lines are short.

After that we headed back to West Hollywood to meet up with Joey and Jason. I had to pick up a camera case for me to carry on for my flight back to Atlanta. We all chatted for a bit then Ash and I went to the Burton Outlet, and the Kidrobot store. Ash and I then made our way to Yogurtland which we’re told was recently the hotness in LA’s yogurt eating trend. Entirely self-serve, this yogurt paradise is a great place to stop in and get some refreshing mid-afternoon treats. Pick your cup size, pick your flavors and then toppings, but be careful as you’re paying by the ounce. $0.30/oz at the time.

Later, we had our name on the list for the green room at Jimmy Kimmel Live! After arriving we we’re told that the green room was up to capacity, so we waited outside for a while and checked out the stage that was setup outside for Kanye tonight. After a few minutes we returned to check on the green room. I looked down the alley as xenon headlights were barreling towards us. Two black Escalades on 24’s came to a halt right in front of us. I thought to myself, this has to be Kanye. Security jumped out and cleared the area and then Kanye, who is an arrogant half man, came out with two others in his entourage and entered the theater. We eventually made it in to the green room. They had free drinks, which was really nice.

Kanye’s performance was interesting. He performed “Love Lockdown”…eventually. He ended up doing the song 3 times. Thank goodness this wan’t a live broadcast of the musical part of the show. He blamed the band for screwing up for the most part. I’m not a big fan of the guy to begin with but this was really icing on the cake. He apologized for being un professional and performed 2 extra songs for the crowd. Overall this was a cool experience and was definitely a good show after all that crap.